The TL Technologies difference

We use an intelligent approach to Design for Manufacturability to drive out complexity and reduce per-piece cost, identify and eliminate problems before fixturing even begins, or prevent flaws that slow down production.

TL Technologies uses a unique approach to help our customers drive down costs by reducing a part’s complexity. TL Technologies’ customers have saved as much as 40% in per part cost or in time-to-market.

Where other machine shops focus on production processes our team focuses on the up-front details. We collaborate with your team and apply a series of proprietary approaches to ensure Design for Manufacturability. Our process “sees” your part at multiple stages through machining and assembly, to identify possible flaws or levels of unnecessary complexity before tooling is built. We work with you to eliminate these issues, thus driving down the per-part production cost and time to market.

This process also helps eliminate unsuccessful project starts to speed time to market and boosts your overall product quality by reducing product flaws. TL Technologies has never had a project rejected.

No other precision machining partner will invest in this up front process like the TL Technologies team will.

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